MRI Safety MRI Safety and Compatibility

Benefits and references

Benefits of our service

Our service to you...

  • Ensures product suitability for MR procedures
  • Supports design of MR safe/ MR conditional devices
  • Decreases product risk
  • Meets clinical needs for MR safety and compatibility
  • Supports regulatory submission world wide (EU, USFDA, CFDA, PMDA, KFDA, etc.)
  • CE certification
  • Premarket Approval (PMA)
  • FDA 510(k) applications
  • Accelerates time to market
  • Strengthens your competitive position

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Our references*

With over 450+ customers worldwide in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, we are proud to service this large successful and satisfied client community with our high qualtiy ASTM, ISO/TS and IEC MRI safety and compatibility testing services:

  • Advanced Bio Prosthetic Surfaces, USA
  • Admedes Schuessler, Germany (project with Simag GmbH to evaluate new interventional technologies for MRI/MRA)
  • Autonomic Technologies, USA
  • Boston Scientific Corporation, USA
  • Boston Scientific Technologie Zentrum GmbH, Germany
  • Cordis Corporation, USA
  • Heinz Kurz Medical, Germany
  • Inspire, USA
  • Interventional Systems, Austria
  • Medical Intelligence, Germany
  • Medinol, Israel
  • MeKo, Germany
  • Micro Therapeutics, USA
  • Mizuho Corporation, Japan
  • NeoRad, Norway
  • NDC Nitinol Devices & Components, USA
  • RADiMED, Germany
  • Sahajanand Medical Technologies, India
  • Sorin Group CRM, France
  • TOMOVATION, Germany

*list limited due to confidentiality.