MRI Safety MRI Safety and Compatibility

Gradient induced interactions

Gradient induced heating

Gradient_induced_heating_heart_valveThe rapid switching of gradient fields generated by the gradient coils of an MRI system generates eddy currents in electrically conductive implants which may result in significant temperature increase in the adjacent tissue. Besides that, such an induced current could generate a harmful effect to an active implant. Thermal simulation is used to calculate the temperature distribution and to estimate the location of maximum temperature due to gradient-induced heating, in order to ensure MRI safety.

Gradient induced vibrations

Gradient_induced_vibrationThe interaction between the gradient induced eddy current and the static magnetic field in the MRI system generates force and torque to a conductive implant if the eddy current magnetic moment and static magnetic field B0 are misaligned. The generated force and torque could raise several harmful effects to the patient, such as patient discomfort and pain. A numerical calculation is necessary in order to prove and to describe the vibration phenomenon of an implant in an MRI scanner prior to conducting a measurement. The full-wave simulation completed with analytical post-processing can provide a vibration simulation for your products for several configurations in an MRI scanner, in order to ensure MRI safety.