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Being the leading implant safety website in the MR community, MagResource provides the most complete and up-to-date list of MRI implant safety information in the world.

On average, MRI technicians spend 4-8 hours of worktime per week searching for MR implant safety information. This time can be saved by installing the MagResource MR safety database with over 10000+ medical implants listed! Once installed, all information is available online without login specifications or password.

MagResource maximizes technologist efficiency by providing quick access to implant information, eliminating duplicate research of implants at sites worldwide. The MagResource database is updated daily, so if our database does not have the information you need, we will endeavor to find it and will update you and the database immediately.

MagResource offers exclusively to its users as well as the complementary "Ask-an-MRI-expert" service for quick individual answers. In addition, please find basic information for interpretation of MRI labeling here, published by our Managing Director, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Gregor Schaefers:

MagResource features

The MagResource database provides links to printable documents like:

  • Manufacturer’s Published Information:
    • MRI Safety Instructions
    • Hardcopy for specific implant information
    • Instructions For Use (IFU)
    • Websites
  • Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Documents
  • Independent Studies
  • National Institute of Health (NIH) Documents and Studies

MagResource license fees

Different from other common database licenses, MagResource subscription fees are based on the number of MR scanners at an MRI site’s location, and not on the number of computers with access to MagResource. For greatest efficiency, MagResource encourages MRI sites to install MagResource licenses as often as needed in the clinic. That way technologists, pre-screeners and schedulers can use them all simultaneously.

One-time startup fee: 90 €**
Yearly rate for the first scanner: 260 €**
Yearly rate for each additional scanner at the same site: 70 €**


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Try the MagResource database with a 30-Days Free Trial Test License free of charge!


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**Prices (in Germany plus 19% VAT) can vary due to USD/EUR exchange rates


Please note:
Although "MR Safety" is the correct technical term, the term "MRI safety" is also used in this text to reflect the colloquial use.