MRI Safety MRI Safety and Compatibility

R&D support

MR:comp's department of consulting offers early-stage R&D consulting in order to support manufacturers of medical devices, implants and instruments from the very beginning onwards.

Before testing of MRI safety and compatibility of your finished products, our research and consulting department could already help you in the pre-testing phase with the investigation of your design, by consulting and accompanying you with design changes and R&D questions in relation to ISO/TS 10974 and MRI in general. This could be of use to you at an early stage, to prevent important performance decrease due to MR interactions.
After this step, in the prototype stage or when the product is ready for the market, our neutral and accredited test lab will be ready for conducting the actual MR safety and compatibility tests.

Overall this consulting step would help you to save costs, not only on your part but also in terms of costs made by MR:comp. As we know from our experience, an early stage collaboration leads to best MRI performance for implants and devices and likewise smoothens the product approval process. Therefore please consider for your financial and marketing benefit: MR safety and MR compatibility starts during the design phase!

During the design and development phase, while considering MR basics and product related demands we can help you with the following:

  • Material selection
  • Design consideration
  • Development accompanying the MR test series
  • MR education of engineers, product, quality and sales personnel in our MR seminars
  • MR education in in-house seminars (on request)
  • Numerical simulation of electro-magnetic fields for the analysis of MR characteristics, e.g. for optimization of medical implants, instruments and devices


We would be pleased to be of service to you!