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Gelsenkirchen, Germany -Modules I3DL

Date of next seminars: 26-27 July 2019
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MR:comp GmbH and MRI-STaR GmbH are offering the following seminar to you in cooperation with ZAMSTEC:

Fixed Program:
July 26th: I3DL Module 1
July 27th: I3DL Module 2


LECTURER: Dr. Javad Zarbakhsh
Module 1:


Introduction on 3D Printing
  • Intro on 3DP
  • 3D Technologies
  • Top Printers in Market
  • Hype vs. Reality
  • Overview of Tools


Module 2:


Operating 3D Printers

  • Model Prep for 3DP
  • Safety Instructions
  • Operating Software
  • Calibration & Testing
  • 3DP Practice


Every I3DL Module includes: 20 hours (8 hours Seminar + 12 hours E-Learning/Projects/Exercises)
Registration for I3DL Certification Exam is always open. Exams are all oral exams and will be individually scheduled.


Course fee:495,00 EUR netto per Module/Day
Exam and Certification Cost: 100 EUR / Module

Students, employees of universities and employees of start-up companies (<3 years) qualify for a 20% discount. Please send in a copy of an appropriate certificate providing your status.
Language: English
(German seminars will be available on request; pre-registration open)
Place of seminar: , MRI-STaR GmbH, Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Exact time schedule and venue see invitation and registration form.
We would be pleased to welcome you as attendee!