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Gelsenkirchen, Germany - "Medical Device MR Safety Specialist" (MRSS)

Date of next seminar: Februar 20-22 2020
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Special guest lecture Franz Schmitt, MR Consultant, MR:comp (former VP Gradient Systems & Director Ultra Highfield Imaging at Siemens Healthcare): "The Anatomy of modern Gradient Systems & its related Safety Aspects"

The seminar is especially designed for the MR safety technical interests of auditors and quality/regulatory affairs managers, product and sales managers, R&D managers/engineers.

Including FDA guidance on RF Heating for Multi-Configuration Passive Medical Devices and issues about the MR worker (IEC 60601-2-33 3rd edition) as well as introducing ISO/TS 10974 for active implants 
Dr. rer.nat. H. Kugel Department of Clinical Radiology, University of Munster, Germany
Prof. Dr. W. Zylka
Westphalia University, Campus Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Prof. A. Melzer, M.D., DDS
Institute for Medical Science and Technologies IMSaT, Universities Dundee & St. Andrews, United Kingdom
H. Engels, Ph.D.
MR Safety Consultant, MR:comp and former MR Safety Director Philips Healthcare, The Netherlands
G. Schaefers, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
MR Safety Testing Laboratory, MR:comp GmbH, Gelsenkirchen, Germany


Seminar day 1 (9:00 to 19:30):


Basics of physics and technical aspects of magnet resonance tomography
  • Hardware (static magnetic field, gradient and RF fields)
  • Physics (image generation, contrasts, artefacts, etc.)
  • Research & trends


Hands-on course "Basics of MR imaging", 4 h lessons MR system handling 
  • Experience the interactions within the static magnetic field!
  • Precautions and behaviour in the MR environment (staff & items)
  • Various experiments: MR imaging (contrasts, artefacts, etc.)



Seminar day 2 (9:15 to 19:00):


MR safety, the MR system and the MR worker – IEC 60601-2-33

  • Requirements of the MR system and the MR environment


MR safety and compatibility of medical devices I

  • Interactions of items and medical devices with the MR environment
  • Current standards & guidelines


Hands on course: MR safety

  • RF-induced heating experiment


MRI from clinical view 

  • Diagnostic & therapy
  • Surgery & interventions (biopsies, ablations (RF, laser), etc.)
  • Robotics, navigation, visualisation of implants/ instruments


Hands on course: MR interventions 

  • MR-guided biopsy

Final discussion  with Get together dinner


Seminar day 3 (8:45 to 13:00):


The Anatomy of modern Gradient Systems & its related Safety Expects


MR safety and compatibility of medical devices II

  • Finding the "worst-case"
  • Labeling of devices for the MR environment


Assessment of MR safety for patients with implantable medical devices

  • ISO/TS 10974: Requirements for active implantable medical devices 
  • Potential physical relevance for passive device

Multiple Choice Test / Final discussion


Course fee: Please see full and listen&watch attendance option in the PDF for download. Full: 1.595 EUR
Students, employees of universities and employees of start-up companies (<3 years) qualify for a 20% discount. Please send in a copy of an appropriate certificate providing your status.
Further on, the seminar includes the script and meals (3 x breakfast snack, 2 x lunch, 1 x dinner, warm and cold beverages during the breaks). Place of seminar: , MR:comp GmbH, Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Exact time schedule and venue see invitation and registration form.
We would be pleased to welcome you as attendee!